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  • Middleton Cheney
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  • The Chenderit Benefice is situated in rural south Northamptonshire, just over the county border from Banbury, Oxfordshire. The Benefice consists of six parishes - Chacombe, Greatworth, Marston St Lawrence, Middleton Cheney, Thenford and Warkworth. There are very good ecumenical links between the various Christian churches in the communities - with the Methodist Church in Greatworth, Chacombe and Middleton, and with the Baptist congregation in Middleton.

    Situated at the heart of England, the Chenderit Benefice and the surrounding area has a rich local history, and is within reach of various places of interest. The Benefice is named after Roger de Chenduit, a nobleman who owned land in the area in medieval times, after whom the local secondary school is also named. The Chenderit Benefice was formed in 2004 from two smaller benefices ( a) Middleton Cheney and Chacombe, and b) Marston St Lawrence, Greatworth, Thenford and Warkworth)

    The communities in the Benefice are diverse, consisting both of longstanding residents and people who have made their home in this attractive area more recently. Farming and local industries in Banbury and Brackley maintain the local economy, but also many people living in the area commute to work in London, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Daventry, Coventry and Birmingham.

    The congregations of the Benefice are of good heart. They vary in their size and level of activity, and often embrace a diversity of traditions within the Church of England, but are all seeking to be an active witness to God and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. The differences of history and current local situation has created a diversity of witness, which is celebrated and enjoyed.




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